Iwakuni Castle

Iwakuni Castle was constructed on Mt. Shiroyama in 1608 by Kikkawa Hiroie, the first lord of the Iwakuni Domain. The Nishiki-gawa River flowing below makes a natural outer moat, and the castle was built on the peak of the 200m tall Mt. Shiroyama. It was a three story, four floor castle built in the Momoyama style of nanban architecture, but it was dismantled eight years after construction as per the one castle per province policy. The current tower was rebuilt in 1962. A precise model of the Kintai-kyo Bridge, photos, weapons, and armor are displayed inside the Momoyama-nanban tower. The tower is now an observation deck where visitors can enjoy views of Iwakuni City. From the tower you can see all of Kikko Park and castle town, and from Kintai-kyo Bridge you can get a view of a side of Iwakuni City, Marine Air Corps Station Iwakuni, Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport, Miyajima, the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, and Shikoku. Exhibitions are also irregularly held. マScale of Iwakuni Castle during construction The castle runs 180 meters along Mt. Shiroyamas ridge, is 54 to 108 meters wide, and has a stone wall 5.4 meters high. The tower is said to be of Momoyama-nanban construction. It is three stories and four floors, and rises over the northern corner of the keep. Outside are five weapons storehouses, two large right-angled gates, one small gate in a stone wall, and two wells. With the main gate at the Yokoyama side, the castle had the back gate at the Misho side, facing north towards the border of the former province Aki over the Nishiki-gawa River. The castle was dismantled in June 1615 under the "one castle per province" rule of the Tokugawa shogunate. In March 1961 work began on restoring the tower 50 meters to the east of the remains of the original tower to afford a view of the city, and the work was complete in 1962. The stone wall on the former tower remains was restored using masonry techniques of the period. There are tours of the wall available.


〒741-0081 3 Yokoyama, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi
Nishikigawa Railway Co. Ltd. Iwakuni Control Post
9:00 AM_4:45 PM (Last admission 4:30 PM)
December 16_31
7 mins by car from Iwakuni IC via Sanyo Expressway
→ 3 mins by ropeway
→ 5 mins on foot
20 mins by bus from JR Sanyo Line Iwakuni Station
(Directions to Kintai-kyo Bridge)
→ 10 mins on foot from Kintai-kyo Bus Stop
→ 3 mins by ropeway
→ 5 mins on foot
Paid parking available (Kintai-kyo Bridge upper riverside, lower riverside, in front of the Ropeway Boarding Point)
Iwakuni Castle (Castle Tower) Entrance Fee
Adults: Per person 260 yen, Group 200 yen
(Junior high school students and above, Group 15 or more)
Elementary school students: Per person 120 yen, Group 90 yen
Tour Set Discount (Kintai-kyo Bridge, Iwakuni Castle Ropeway and Iwakuni Castle Tour Set - Time required: 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours)
Discount Adults per person 1,110 yen→940 yen (Group 750 yen per person)
Discount Elementary school students per person 520 yen→450 yen (Group 350 yen)



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